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Rabbit Hill Inn – Spring Break News

Perhaps you never thought you’d see the words “spring break” and Rabbit Hill Inn in the same sentence. Don’t fret. It’s not what you think. No crazy antics or wet tee shirt contests here. On the other hand, our version of spring break is far from calm and quiet.

As usual, we closed the first three weeks of April. But the inn didn’t go to sleep – it was quite the opposite. The music got pumped up. Our fantastic housekeeping staff began their strategic “attack” on every nook and crannie of every room while Donn tackled the windows. He HATES washing windows (we have way too many). And Charlie started work on the gardens.

Several service vans surrounded the inn. For the next few weeks, we hung out with our plumbers, the electrician (nicknamed Sparky), Jay, our paint & paper guy, the chimney sweeps, and the propane guys. Aside from all that, our contractors, Scott and Martin showed up with their crew to begin the “extreme makeover” of the Tavern’s Secret. Total demolition (they love swinging those sledgehammers), followed by total renovation. This is spring break – Rabbit Hill style. For those who follow us on Facebook, you have witnessed much of the action, the demolition, and the progress.

As of April 23rd, the pulse of the inn is now back to normal. Guests are back. The inn looks wonderful. And delicious aromas are wafting from the kitchen once again. 25 brand new stave puzzles arrived today. And all of the Northeast Kingdom is blooming with spring scent and color.

To complete our “spring cleaning”, even our website is undergoing some “tuning up”. And this blog is going on a short break as part of that project. But it will be back soon – better than ever!

Now is the time to join us on FaceBook. Become a fan. Here you will find all the latest news, updates, photos, videos, and special FaceBook Fan offers. We will be there, waiting to hear from you. So please jump in anytime – share your thoughts, questions, opinions, and comments…about anything. Got any great pictures of your last RHI visit? Let’s see them.

Speaking of pictures, have you heard about TripWow? You can make really cool “photo videos” in 10 seconds – FOR FREE. We just tried it. Check this out.

Go ahead, make your own Rabbit Hill video. It’s fast and totally free!

Ok. We’re jumping off the blog for a bit. See you on FaceBook! You can Twitter us too. Soon we’ll share the big reveal of the NEW Tavern Secret, and fun new stuff on the website. Looking forward to seeing you personally or virtually real soon!

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