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Property Accessibility Features


We have one ADA parking space measuring 15′ wide directly in front of our ADA guest room. The space is approx. 20′ from the entrance to the ADA room on a level plane. A ramp leads to the entrance of the ADA room and a level brick walkway leads to a ramp and side entrance of the Main House.

Exterior Routes:

The exterior route from the ADA parking space to the ADA room and ADA accessible Main House is a level brick path of adequate width without encumbrances. Direct entry to the ADA guest room and Main House common rooms are via a wooden ramp.


ADA entries are 36 inches in width with lever-style handles for ease of opening. Vestibules are barrier-free.

Interior Routes:

A person in a wheelchair can maneuver through the common rooms and front dining room.

ADA features we do NOT or are UNABLE to include: The inn offers no elevators or braille features.

Public Restrooms:

One first-floor restroom is open to the public and is wheelchair accessible with proper height sink and toilet and appropriate grab bar placement. The door to the restroom has a lever-style handle.

ADA Signage:

There are no braille signs anywhere in the inn.

Food Service Areas:

Fine dining room offers adequate space to maneuver a wheelchair. Table heights and depth are proper for easy access with a wheelchair.

Food Service Areas ADA features we do NOT or are UNABLE to include:

We do not offer a menu in braille.

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