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Just A Little New Year Message…

This was our 16th New Year’s Eve celebration at Rabbit Hill Inn. As always, the house was happily full. Many of our guests have been welcoming the New Year at RHI for several years (10 – 20 years for some). Others experienced their first RHI New Year celebration. In a blink of an eye, they were warmly welcomed to joined in the fun. It’s often been said, “New Year is a 3-4 day event at Rabbit Hill Inn”. It’s true. It’s more than just champagne and a fun party on the 31st (and it is ALL that!). More so, it’s a very special experience, where guests unwind and reflect on the year past, celebrate the incoming New Year in style, and then savor their getaway time with relaxed anticipation of the year ahead.

From morning to night, the common rooms are filled with genuine conversation and laughter. Yet, quiet and relaxed moments magically appear too. Friendships, old and new, are nurtured and enjoyed. It’s not intrusive or “too much”. It naturally is “just right” for each one’s desire. Do I dare say ” perfect”?

From our perspective, this warm ambiance is exactly what Rabbit Hill Inn is all about. Here, it doesn’t take a holiday to create such a setting. It just happens organically – every day. And for this, we are so very grateful. Thank you for helping us create this chemistry that sets RHI apart from so many others. You help us make this dear home the special place that it truly is.

Our entire Rabbit Hill Inn family wishes you a wonderful 2010, filled with many blessings and answered prayers.
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