Worthy Kitchen

Worthy Kitchen VermontWorth KItchen in Woodstock and Quechee Vermont is a great place for lunch!

Whenever our guests are planning a day trip to Quechee and Woodstock Vermont, we encourage a visit to Worthy Kitchen (just an hour from Rabbit Hill Inn).  Worthy Kitchen is a fun, casual, delicious comfort food diner.  But not a typical diner – a craft beer diner. Worthy Kitchen is many notches above on the quality of food scale! They are very dedicated to the mission of offering local farm sustainable foods. Icing on the cake – the beer!  The awesome 18 draught craft beer taps offer the best of the Vermont and New England craft beer selections. Small batch breweries are showcased here.  Not a beer drinker? Don’t fret. There is an equally impressive presentation of wines, hard ciders, and fantastic craft root beers and ginger ales, along with the usual soft drink options.

Plan on spending some time here. You cannot zip in and zip out for a fast bite. The massive blackboard menu takes a while to absorb. Then there are the daily specials to consider. And THEN, the lengthy beverage listings.  It’s all part of the experience. As many will tell you, the Worthy Kitchen is worth a visit! Go there. It’s fun!

Worthy Kitchen is open 7 days – 442 Woodstock Rd, Woodstock, VT 05091

The Quechee Woodstock Vermont area is a popular day trip spot for Rabbit Hill Inn guests. Worthy Kitchen is just one hour from Rabbit Hill Inn.