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Get Away and Get Global Entry!

What is this thing called Global Entry?

In the past six months, we’ve hosted several guests who were here to getaway AND complete their Global Entry Process.  I became curious… What is Global Entry? And why are they doing this while here, in Northern Vermont?  Well, as I learned more, I was convinced that everyone who travels (even a little) should look into this. There are so many benefits that it’s a no brainer.

In a nutshell: Global Entry allows travelers to (1) receive expedited clearance How to get Global Entrythrough customs into the US, skipping forever-long lines & paper work. AND  (2) enjoy the benefits of TSA Pre-Check status (expedited TSA security lines), where travelers do not have to remove shoes, belts, laptops, liquids, and coats. Cost is $100 for 5 years. This can be a HUGE time saver, stress reducer, and get travelers to and fro more quickly!

Why do it here? Apparently, an official Global Entry Interview location is just an hour away in Derby, Vermont. There are only 86 Global Entry Enrollment Center locations in the US, mostly in major cities, where the lines may be long and the waiting time for an interview can be quite lengthy. But here, in nearby little Derby Vermont, you can get through the Global Entry process fast & easy! There are NO lines and scheduling an interview appointment is super easy. Our guests are doing all the paper work online, and completing the face to face part of the process (the interview and fingerprint scanning) right here, while enjoying a relaxing getaway at Rabbit Hill Inn. What a great idea!

Here’s the Lowdown on Global Entry…

Anxious to learn more about Global Entry, how it works, etc? Check out this Ultimate Guide to Global Entry. Here you will find everything you need to know. 

Here is the Global Entry Enrollment Center and Interview location just an hour’s drive from Rabbit Hill Inn:

Derby Line Vermont Enrollment Center
107 Route 91, South Derby Line, VT
US Customs and Border Protection Office
Hours of the Derby Line Vermont Enrollment Center:
8:00 am – 12:00 pm, or  7:00 pm – 9:00 pm  Tuesday – Thursday
Derby Line Enrollment Center Contact Phone number: 802-873-3219

Wishing you all safe & happy travels!

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