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5 Tips to Planning the Perfect Romantic Mini-Moon Getaway

These 5 Tips will make planning your perfect mini-moon getaway easy and stress-free.

How to plan a mini-moonWhy choose a mini-moon? It’s a great way to unwind and let the wedding afterglow last a  little longer. Romantic “Mini-moons” are gaining popularity for many reasons. Truth be told, weddings are exhausting. Everyone knows that planning a wedding can consume a lot of time, energy, and money. Adding the stress (and expense) of planning that big oh-so-amazing honeymoon trip can be a real challenge.

Hence, the magical & memorable “mini-moon” is a fantastic option. More and more couples are opting for a relaxing and romantic mini-moon after their wedding. When time allows and money is less of an issue, that lengthy dream trip awaits.  Fact is, a mini-moon doesn’t have to be any less romantic, exciting, or memorable.  Wondering how to plan the perfect mini-moon? Read on…

5 Tips to the Perfect Mini-moon:

  • Choose a location within a short travel time. Ideally, a six-hour or less drive time will allow you a shorter travel time and more vacation time. Pass on all the aggravations of airports, TSA routines, possible delays, etc. Besides, a road trip is a fun way to have private time and absorb all the excitement of the wedding.
  • Choose the right getaway destination. Opt for a place that caters to romantic adult getaways and provides all the special honeymoon touches to help you celebrate (flowers, chocolates, champagnes, in-room massage services, and any special requests).  Save the family and pet friendly places for another time.
  • Good food & bar services onsite is a must. This allows you to snuggle in all day, and all night if you so desire.
  • Activities concierge services are a must. If you wish to enjoy a day of kayaking, skiing, ziplining, biking, whatever; be sure in advance that these activities are available nearby and can be arranged for you. Check the lodging website or call direct for quick answers to your questions. You should not have to spend time doing any research in advance. Let’s face it, you’re busy planning a wedding!
  • Stay within your budget and timeline. A perfect romantic mini-moon can be anywhere from one to five nights, whatever best fits your schedule and budget. Ask about Mini-moon packages – they often include several added value items that will make your getaway extra special and stay within your budget. If you choose the right mini-moon destination, even a brief escape can and will be magically romantic and memorable.

Remember, don’t be shy… share the news! When making your reservation, be sure to mention that this is your honeymoon getaway. This is your time to be treated extra special.

As you search for that perfect mini-moon destination, consider the Rabbit Hill Inn in Northern Vermont! Rabbit Hill Inn is the ideal choice for an affordable romantic mini-moon getaway. Check out all the great Mini-moon Romantic Getaway Packages at Rabbit Hill Inn.

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