Visit the King Arthur Flour Co. – just an hour away

Be sure to visit King Arthur Flour Co. during your next visit to Rabbit Hill Inn.

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Homemade Raised Donut Recipe and Cooking Video

Rabbit Hill Inn homemade raised doughnut (donut) recipe. This homemade glazed raised donut recipe will make you say “Who needs Dunkin’ Donuts or Krispy Kremes?  And those grocery store bought boxed donuts… forget-about-it!”  You really can make your own light, … Continue reading

Rabbit Hill Inn’s Famous Donut Muffin Recipe

Donut Muffin Recipe from Rabbit Hill Inn This Donut Muffin recipe yields 24 muffins. Guests are always asking for Chef Phyllis’s delicious Doughnut Muffin recipe. Now it’s your turn to try this great muffin recipe. Imagine the goodness of homemade … Continue reading

Rice Crispy Encrusted Scallops…really????

This might sound a bit wacky, but guests absolutely LOVE it. You have got to try this recipe! Rice Crispy Encrusted Scallops with Grilled Asparagus and Melon (Appetizer to serve 4) Ingredients: 8 Large Sea Scallops (U/10) 1/2 cup Rice … Continue reading

Donut Muffin Recipe – Everyone’s asking, so here it is! Warning – they are addictive!

Rabbit Hill Inn Donut Muffin Recipe yield 24 muffins Chef Phyllis is sharing her delicious Rabbit Hill Inn Donut Muffin recipe with you. No need to beg any longer.  Enjoy the goodness of freshly baked homemade donuts and muffins all in … Continue reading

“Pink Slip Getaway Giveaway” ~ Rabbit Hill Inn gives a break to unemployed.

Rabbit Hill Inn is giving away (6) two-night getaways to couples dealing with the anxiety of unemployment. Why? Because we are tired of all the negative news! As unemployment rates are skyrocket, we asked ourselves, “How can we make a … Continue reading