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The Perfect Short Vacation in Vermont

Meet Alex & Lori. They were anxious to escape Manhattan and all the stress that comes along with busy city life. Off to Rabbit Hill they went, for a perfect 3 day Vermont vacation. They wanted to do it all… adventurous fun, countryside drives, “Vermonty” things, visit the wonderful folks at Stave Puzzles, and yet, have time to relax and do as many Stave puzzles as possible, and maybe squeeze in a little “do nothing” time. Three days… hmmmm… is it possible??? Absolutely! They crafted the perfect plan and proved it very possible. Here’s how they did it…

Day One – Enjoyed a leisurely drive to Rabbit Hill Inn, arriving in the evening, and cozied into their luxury suite.

Day Two – A day in the Kingdom

  • Enjoyed a full breakfast (by candlelight)
  • Drove to Norwich to visit the infamous STAVE Puzzle Shop. They have been addicted to Stave puzzles for so long it was time to meet the folks behind these tormenting treasures.
  • Wandered the backroads of the Northeast Kingdom countryside.
  • Visited Cabot Cheese factory (tasting room was the best part)
  • Visited Grand View Winery & tasted several lovely wines (a few bottles made it to the car).
  • Stopped at Braggs Maple Syrup Farm. Learned all about the process, from tapping to boiling (again, a few bottles made it into the car).
  • Wandered off to Barre and found an “outstanding lunch spot”.
  • Returned home to Rabbit Hill to relax, soak in the whirlpool tub.
  • Wrapped up the day with a glorious dinner at the Inn, some fine wine, and puzzled the night away in our Snooty Fox Pub. Alex & Lori were in charge of “lights out” that night.
Day Three – The adrenaline rush!
  • A Full breakfast prepared them for the adventurous day ahead.
  • Off to Alpine Adventures for a heart racing ZIPLINE tour.
  • While the blood was still pumping, they headed to the local gym for a great workout.
  • Returned home to the inn, simmered down for well-earned IN-ROOM MASSAGES.
  • Spent the duration of the day “in the zone” with long soaks in the double whirlpool, and reading on the porch.
  • The grand finale — another outstanding dinner at the inn, more fine wine, and more puzzling into the night. We’re not kidding…those Stave puzzles are addictive. Guess who was in charge of “lights out” again?

Day Four – Upon a sad departure, they left us saying… “We’ll be back in the winter for skiing!”

The result: the perfect short vacation. Well, done Alex & Lori. Can’t wait to welcome you “back home” when the snow flies. You’ll always be in charge of “lights out”.

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