Vermont Maple Open House Weekend is March 25 & 26

Vermont Maple Open House Weekend is March 25 & 26

Now is the time to come to Vermont!  It’s Vermont Maple Open House weekend! Vermont maple syrup makers open their sugar houses to the public March 25 & 26.  

Several nearby Vermont maple farms are waiting for you! Watch the boiling in action, taste Vermont maple open house weekendall the grades of syrup. But that’s not all. Taste maple everything, including sugar-on-snow, maple donuts, maple candy, maple cream, and my personal favorite – maple ice cream!! Learn all about the process that produces this liquid gold.    

It’s not too late to book your visit. When you get here, we’ll map out a route just for you. If you desire, we can even get you to distilleries and breweries for maple spirits and craft beers. Yes, that’s what we said – maple booze! You’re going to need some serious trunk space for this trip. You are going home with the mother lode!

When you return to Rabbit Hill Inn, there will be plenty of maple goodness waiting for you. From afternoon sweets, to breakfasts featuring local Vermont maple syrup. Or may we interest you in a maple martini? 

Don’t miss out on this. It only happens in late March. And don’t be surprised if you smell the sweet maple aroma in the air. Drive away from the typical stuffy city air for the clean crisp sweet air of Vermont. It just doesn’t get sweeter than this.

Plan your getaway now. March 25 & 26 2017. Check availability here.

Wondering where to go to for Vermont Maple Open House Weekend?
Here is a map of all the participating Vermont maple sugar farms and sugar houses. All the gold maple leaves indicate a Vermont Maple Sugar House. They are everywhere!!!  And they are conveniently close to Rabbit Hill Inn.