Top Ten Best Winter Activities in Vermont and New Hampshire

Top Ten Best Winter Activities in Vermont and New Hampshire

1400321_256287394522857_1751674972_oPlan your next winter vacation to Rabbit Hill Inn in Vermont. You’ll find great winter activities here. Use this “Top Ten” list as your guide and you’ll enjoy a fantastic New England winter getaway. 

10. Winter Truck Safari ~ The fine folks at Alpine Adventures will take you for a crazy ride up Barron Mountain.  

9. Winter Hiking through the Basin in Franconia Notch State Park. Waterfalls are amazing in winter!

8. Cross Country Skiing ~ ski here at the Inn, along the Connecticut River or head on over to the Kingdom Trails. No equipment? No problem. Kingdom Trails  and the East Burke Sport Shop have all you’ll need.

7. Snowshoeing ~ do it here, there, or anywhere. Kingdom Trails  and Bretton Woods are terrific choices! This is even fun to do by moonlight!

6. Downhill Skiing ~ 3 mountains to enjoy (Burke, Cannon, Bretton Woods)
5. Horsedrawn Sleigh Ride ~ Private romantic ride through the Vermont countryside. Moonlight rides are amazing! No one should miss this one.

4. Snowmobiling ~ huge fun! The guides at NEK Adventures will take you through the breathtaking trails and back roads.  

3. Snuggle by the fire with a good book, hot cocoa and a loved one.

2. In-room massage by the fire. (Oh yeah…)

1. Enjoying the snowfall…knowing that you don’t have to shovel!