Best Lobster Roll Recipe


Good news for lobster lovers – you don’t have to leave the house to have the BEST lobster roll!!  Every year, the search is on for THE best lobster roll.  Some folks plan their summer vacations based on where to get the very best lobster roll known to man. Others scour the internet reading reviews for this heavenly New England seafood sandwich tradition.  I’ll admit, a lobster roll will always taste better when your by the ocean. But if you just can’t get there, you don’t have to go without.

The fine folks at America’s Test Kitchen, after much research,  are sharing their proven recipe for the BEST lobster roll sandwich!  Need to learn how to cook lobster?  This recipe link also has a video to show you the right way to cook lobster.

Give it a try and enjoy all the finer pleasures of summer right in your back yard.