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Lower Waterford, VT (June 2008) — Travel gurus now report that destination choices have come full circle.  A few years ago, travelers sought vacation spots offering endless technology and connectivity.  Now, the trend is the opposite – a getaway destination that allows them (and perhaps, forces them) to be out of touch with the world that consumes them 24-7.

Vermont’s double Four Diamond Rabbit Hill Inn attracts guests from far and near for this very reason. Upon arrival, guests notice the absence of an over-sized flat screen TV & telephone. The cell phone has “no bars” and the blackberry is useless. The soft music is playing, the smiles grow large and their tensions begin to melt.  They have been officially granted permission to break away and enjoy themselves, uninterrupted – their “electronic leash” has been broken. For those who MUST know… telephone rooms are available and wireless internet can be found in a few hidden areas of the Inn.  A secret only shared if necessary.

This internationally acclaimed country inn goes above and beyond to provide relaxation in its purest form. They begin with the basic needs — luxurious accommodations and amenities, fantastic dining, pampering personalized service, and a tranquil “off the grid” location known as the Northeast Kingdom.   The ever-present innkeepers and staff provide customized concierge services, creating the ideal getaway for each guest. This includes individual day trip planning, in-room massage services, and extensive touring and outdoor activity offerings. Several packages are designed to highlight popular seasonal activities.

“Whether our Guests seek adreneline-pumping adventurous fun, romantic lazy days, or something in between, it can easily be found here.”  says Innkeeper, Leslie Mulcahy. “The most important discovery they make is the joy of being out of touch – trading cell phones and laptops for champagne and candlelight.   For once, time is their own – without intrusion!”

As noted on Peter, the Rabbit Hill Inn offers “Rooms for romance that just might get your loved one in the mood. Most cell phone carriers won’t work – and there isn’t any internet access. So there’s no chance of your romantic getaway turning into a working weekend!”

Boston Globe – “Rabbit Hill Inn is blissfully free of tv, telephone and internet. Guests enjoy connectivity of a different kind – one that comes with champagne and flickering candles.”

To learn more about this romantic luxury Inn (circa 1795) visit or call (800) 762-8669.

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