Compare Amenities

Use the chart below to compare amenities.

 Jonathon Cummings Suite NestLoftCedar Glen TurnaboutSamuel Hodby Suite Tavern's Secret Molly's Promise Carriage Corner
Double Spa Tub XXXXXXXX
Separate Walk-In Shower XXXXXXXXX
Porch or Sun Deck XXXXXX  
Canopy Bed XXXXXXX  
Private Entrance     XXXXX
Air Conditioning XXXXXXXXX
Main House XXXX     
1795 House    XXX  
Carriage House        XX
Receives WiFi Signal  XX     

Use the chart below to compare amenities.

 SterlingCanopyMusicHampshireReflectionsTop of TavernMary's Wish RoseCarolineTiffany
Double Spa Tub           
Separate Walk-In Shower           
Private Bath/ Tub & Shower XXXXXXXXXX
Porch or Sun Deck XX      X 
Canopy Bed  XX       
Private Entrance          X
Air Conditioning XXXXXXXXX 
Main House XXXXX XX  
1795 House     X  X 
Carriage House          X
Receives WiFi Signal   XX X   

Time away is precious and we are dedicated to providing you with a truly relaxing, romantic environment. Therefore, by design, you will not find the distraction of a telephone or television in your room. However, there are two guest telephone rooms available at all times, and free wireless internet access. Also, in-room movies are available. We have a couple of 15″ LCD DVD Players available on a first come, first served basis. Choose from our movie collection or bring your own.

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