Dinner Menu


    • Small Plates

        • Inn Style Charcuterie

          inn cured meats & sausages, mustard, pickles, baguette ... $12

            • Grilled Flatbread of the Night

              combinations of various seasonal and local produce and meats ... $11

                • Boneless Frog Legs

                  garlic & parsley butter poached, garlic capellini pasta... $10

                    • Smoked Trout Quenelles

                      orange, wasabi, arugula ... $11

                        • Local Mixed Greens & Strawberries

                          sunflower seed clusters, chevre cloud, tamarind vinaigrette... $8

                            • Caesar Salad

                              romaine hearts, Spanish anchovies, garlic croutons, pecorino, traditional dressing... $9 -- add chicken thigh... $4

                                • Artisanal Cheese Sampler

                                  our select cheeses, fruit, mostarda, brioche ... $12

                                    • Soup of the Evening

                                      highlighting seasonal ingredients ... $8

                                      • Large Plates

                                          • Grilled Beef Rib Eye

                                            purple potato puree, local roasted beets, kale varieties ... $36

                                              • Vermont Raised Pork Loin

                                                potato gallette, rhubarb, broccolini ... $35

                                                  • Crispy Skin Long Island Duck

                                                    beluga lentils, charred onions, red wine compressed plums ...$35

                                                      • Steamed Spanish Turbot

                                                        Mediterranean cous cous, bok choy, preserved enoki mushrooms, blackened miso sauce ...$33

                                                          • Roasted Chicken Breast

                                                            white & scarlet turnips, sweet potato bouquet, garbanzo beans, radish ... $29

                                                              • Wild Rice Stuffed Squash

                                                                cheddar, basil, pearl onions, puffed curry-seasoned wild rice topping ... $23

                                                                  • House Made Fettuccine

                                                                    meatballs of pork, veal, and beef, Italian plum tomato sauce, romano cheese, garlic bread... $19

                                                                      • Nightly Vegetarian Offering

                                                                        chef creation utilizing fine grains and the seasonal harvest ... $market priced

                                                                        • Sweet Plates

                                                                            • Beer & Pretzel Sundae

                                                                              salted pretzel roll, Guinness milk chocolate ice cream, Old Brown Dog Ale caramel, Lost Nation Pilsner marshmallow cream ... $8

                                                                                • Raspberries & Butter

                                                                                  butter cake, cookie butter, ghee ice cream, raspberry sauce ... $7

                                                                                    • Wild Turkey Peach Pie

                                                                                      Wild Turkey soaked deep dish peaches, cinnamon crust, smoky cherries, orange oil ... $7

                                                                                        • Frozen Berry Vacherin

                                                                                          blueberry-mascarpone semifreddo, meringue, basil syrup, chocolate bits ... $7

                                                                                            • Ice Cream Trio

                                                                                              sampling of three unique and/or traditional inn-made ice creams ... $7

                                                                                                • Artisanal Cheese Sampler

                                                                                                  four select cheeses, fruit, mostarda, brioche clover ... $12



                                                                                                An 18% dinner/bar gratuity is automatically added in lieu of tipping.

                                                                                                Reservations required and recommended prior to 3pm
                                                                                                by calling 802-748-5168

                                                                                                Please make dinner reservations at the same time you make room reservations to insure your place in the dining room.  We usually are unable to accommodate reservations made after 3pm. Rabbit Hill offers a full bar and a carefully selected wine list to complement our exquisite menu. Dress for dinner is “dressy casual”.  

                                                                                                The dining room is closed Wednesday nights EXCEPT

                                                                                                from  mid-September to mid-October

                                                                                                Slayton Altenburg, Head Chef

                                                                                                Phyllis Grech, Pastry Chef

                                                                                                Geoff Weiler, Sous Chef


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