King Arthur Flour Co. is a just an hour away

Be sure to visit King Arthur Flour Co. during your next visit to Rabbit Hill Inn.

Perfect Bloody Mary Recipe

Without doubt, Brian’s Bloody Mary recipe is the most requested cocktail recipe.  SO watch carefully…

Top Ten Reasons to visit Farmers Markets

You probably never considered going to a Farmers Market while on vacation.  Well, in Vermont, it’s a “must do” and here’s why… 1. Soak up the local culture by eating great local food, listening to the music, and talking with the locals. 2. Amazing produce & herbs!  Local farmers proudly present fresh organic everything (picked […]

Who Needs Dunkin’ Donuts?

Say good bye to those Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kremes.  And those heavy grocery store donuts… forget-about-it!  You really can make your own light, airy, delicious donuts. Pastry Chef Phyllis is sharing her family recipe with you (I begged her). Watch this video to see how it’s done. The recipe link is below.  If you […]

Alternative Dining Options

Guests who are here for longer stays, and those who are with us on Wednesday nights when our dining room is closed, often ask about other places to eat. For a rural area, there are some good alternatives ranging from the local Mom & Pop, to a Sterling car diner, to contemporary casual.  Here’s a […]

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