Getaway Mavens Declares Rabbit Hill Inn As The Place To Unplug

Travel Writers of Getaway Mavens found Rabbit Hill Inn to be a “bucolic slice of rural Vermont. A top choice for lodging and dining in Vermont.” While exploring all the pearls of Northern Vermont, the Getaway Mavens discovered the Rabbit … Continue reading

Rabbit Hill Inn’s Parsnip Bread Recipe

Parsnip Bread Recipe from Rabbit Hill Inn If you have parsnips on hand, this parsnip bread recipe is a great idea.  Parsnips provide a wonderful earthy sweetness, you can even get away without telling anyone that the bread is made … Continue reading

Rabbit Hill Inn’s Asparagus Cheddar Quiche Recipe

Asparagus Cheddar Quiche Recipe from Rabbit Hill Inn This asparagus cheddar quiche recipe yields one 8″ pie pan size quiche. Guests are always asking for our quiche recipe – especially the quiche crust recipe. Chef Phyllis is gladly adding her … Continue reading

Rabbit Hill Inn White Chocolate Lemon Bars

Calling all lemon lovers, this is “must-do” recipe! These White Chocolate Lemon Bars are insanely good (and addictive). The flavors of lemon and white chocolate are a heavenly match. And this recipe brings them together in delicious balance. Make double … Continue reading

Rabbit Hill Inn Rosemary Shortbread Recipe

This delicious basic shortbread cookie recipe is so versatile. Although this recipe features Rosemary shortbread, you can change it up in hundreds of ways. Recently, we featured this shortbread in a delicious dessert – Maple Seared Caramelized Pears – Rosemary shortbread, mascarpone, almonds, … Continue reading

Rabbit Hill Inn Maple Dream Cookie Recipe

  If you’re a maple fan – these cookies will soon be your favorite! These Maple Dream cookies are soft, moist, and addictive. They are a bit on the sweet side which makes them a nice little dessert option. Mary,Liisa, … Continue reading

Rabbit Hill Inn Sunchoke Bisque Recipe

Firstly – Sunchokes (aka Jerusalem artichokes), are an edible tuber that grows underground, much like a potato. They look a little bit like large chunks of ginger, and taste slightly nutty, and savory like a cross between an artichoke heart … Continue reading

Rabbit Hill Inn Turkey Hash – an Easy Turkey Leftover Recipe

It’s day three, and you STILL have leftover turkey in the fridge. It’s time to make a delicious turkey hash. This turkey hash recipe doesn’t have exact amounts because it really doesn’t matter. Just use whatever you have leftover. It … Continue reading

Rabbit Hill Inn Maple Bourbon Vinaigrette Recipe

  You’ll want to put this Maple Bourbon Vinaigrette on every thing – salads, vegetables, side dishes, meat entrees, even hearty sandwiches! This easy and versatile maple bourbon vinaigrette recipe  will surely become one of your fav go-to recipes. It’s great warm or … Continue reading