Top Ten Reasons to visit Farmers Markets

Top Ten Reasons to visit Farmers Markets

You probably never considered going to a Farmers Market while on vacation.  Well, in Vermont, it’s a “must do” and here’s why…

1. Soak up the local culture by eating great local food, listening to the music, and talking with the locals.

2. Amazing produce & herbs!  Local farmers proudly present fresh organic everything (picked that day).

3. Ooooh the cheese!  Chat with Vermont artisan cheese makers and sample all the unique choices.

4. Fresh, I mean really fresh, organic meats (chicken, beef, lamb).  And organic eggs – still warm from the chicken.

5. Meet the bakers.  Taste artisan breads, baked goods, and dee-lish soft pretzels.  Taste real Vermont cider donuts.

6. Liquid Gold.  You can’t forget the Vermont maple syrup…and the maple sugar, maple butter, maple cream and maple candy.

7. Talk “bean” with a local coffee roaster.  Taste the varieties of gourmet coffees.  Take home unique roasted coffee beans.

8. Be tempted by all the specialty products – jams, jellies, chutneys, honey, tapenades, pestos, sauces, and pickled anything.

9. Check out the glorious floral bouquets & plants, the candles, colorful yarns just spun, wood crafts, and numerous other irresistible artisan crafts.

10. You may even meet a painter or photographer displaying their gallery of artwork.


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Saturdays & Sundays are the biggest “Market Days”.  You can easily visit 4 markets in one day! It’s a great way to really explore the Northeast Kingdom, have loads of fun, eat great food, meet great folks, and take wonderful items back home.  Come and squeeze, sniff, and taste for yourself…bring a cooler.  Or, you can get one here.